Life Long Tips for Graduates

tips for graduates

Graduation if right around the corner! For many of you, we took your senior pictures and we hope that you have a wonderful celebration of this big life achievement! But, there is a lot to know after graduation. After the caps are thrown in the air, the pictures are taken, and the party streamers are swept up there is a whole world out there that... Read More

Celebrating Mother’s Day

celebrating mother's day

Mother’s Day is right around the corner. Here at Monty Nuss, we love Mother’s Day. We see, each day, how much Mom’s put into their kids. We see their pride in their sons and daughters as the come in for their kids’ senior pictures or when they are doing a family photography session. Through our time with the family, we especially get to know the... Read More

Spring 2016 Fashion Trends: What is New This Year

2016 spring fashion trends

When it comes to spotting fashion trends for the spring, one just has to go to Milan. However, that can be a little prohibitive for most of us.  But, it is that time of year where spring is starting to emerge. Our days are getting longer and a little warmer. Of course, here in Colorado, spring can mean snow. And a lot of snow, which... Read More

Spring Celebrations in Denver

Denver Family Photography for Spring Celebration

What to do for Easter – Denver Spring Celebrations We all love Easter! It marks the coming of a new season and the hope, here in Colorado, the days of snow dwindling. And, for some in the office, it means that baseball is right around the corner, too! Easter and spring, are great opportunities to celebrate. And, for many, it is an opportunity to get... Read More

The Couple’s Selfie – Pros and Cons

couple selfie tips

Couple’s Selfie Tips Ah…puppy love, true love, romantic bliss. Those are all great when cupid’s arrow finds you. As your Denver photography studio, we love it too! And, today, that celebration of couple-hood comes to life in the growing trend of the couples and bff selfie. If you are in a relationship, we’re sure that you have snapped a few selfies yourself. While you generate... Read More

St. Patrick’s Day Traditions

Saint Patricks Day Traditions

Saint Patrick’s Day is once again around the corner.  It marks the coming of Spring and celebration with friends. Denver is considered one of the country’s best St. Paddy’s Day celebrations. As your Denver professional photographers, we have seen many festivities around this day and love the Irish traditions. To help with your event planning, we have put together information on St. Patrick, the day’s traditions and things... Read More

Newborn Photography and New Years

newborn photography

It is hard to believe that 2016 has arrived! At Monty Nuss, your newborn photographer in Denver, we hope that 2016 is rewarding for you and that you find reasons to celebrate some wonderful life moments. When it comes to the New Year, it is always fun learning the first baby born in the New Year. This year, it was a little interesting when a... Read More

Hit the Slopes with the Right Look

ski fashion trends

Ski Fashion Trends When it comes to skiing and snowboarding in Colorado, it is more than just strapping on the boards and hitting the lift. Today, hitting the slopes with the right and comfortable look is important. Plus, with today’s more advanced clothing and fabric technology, you do not need to be limited to the old puffy parka that may still be living in your... Read More

2016 Winter Fashion Musts

winter fashion 2016

Winter is here! Snow has fallen, the air is cool and refreshing. But, that does not mean you have to trade in your sense of fashion for an overstuffed Broncos parka (although that is pretty cool!). As Denver Colorado photographers, we have seen all sorts of winter fashion through the years. And, being in a metropolitan city like Denver that also has access to mountains,... Read More

Teen Photogenic Contest – Coming Soon!

Teen Photogenic contest

Lights, Glamour and Cameras! As Denver Photographers, one of our favorite events is coming up! Starting in January and running through April is our exclusive Teen Photogenic Contest! This is your chance to feel and look like a model, plus win prizes! We have been running this contest for more than 14 years with record participation year after year. We expect the same this year... Read More