Fall 2017 Fashion Trends 

fall 2017 fashion trends

Fall fashion is just around the corner, and even though the runway is not exactly school cafeteria ready, there have been some awesome trend inspirations that you can take and make your own as you update your wardrobe for the fall. As your Denver photographers, shooting countless sessions, you can bet we have our eye on the latest fashion trends. This year is now different as... Read More

Make the Most of it Class of 2018

senior year to-do's

Senior Year To-Do’s *Cue Vitamin C’s “Graduation”*  Class of 2018, here’s looking at you! Senior year is upon you and it’s going to fly by faster than you expect. There’s so much to do to prepare (including getting your senior pictures) for what’s next while still soaking up every single moment of this time you have left. To help you make the most of your senior... Read More

7 Dorm Decorating Tips

dorm decorating tips

Fall is just around the corner and with that comes the move back to campus for many students. Whether this is your first year calling a college dorm home or if you’re heading back to a dorm for the last time, making those rooms feel like home is an important part of the college experience. Having your own little space to decorate how you want... Read More

Must Have Back To School Fashion

back to school fashion

If you’re like us, you’re already daydreaming of your back to school outfits. There’s nothing quite like fall fashion to get you ready to slay the year ahead. Sorting through the myriad of fall trends can be a major pain – where do you start? What will work for you? To get you started, your favorite senior pictures team have some of the big things... Read More

Summer Fun – How to Make the Most of Your Summer Vacation

denver summer

Denver Summer Fun – Things to Do It’s summer in Denver again – school’s out, free time is everywhere and the weather is pretty much begging you to spend some time outside. With the sudden freedom from schoolwork and (most) responsibilities, it’s easy to get a little bored in the summer. Don’t worry! Your favorite Denver Photographer (we hope), has some ideas for Denver Summer... Read More

How to Take a Better Selfie Using Instagram

better instagram selfies

Better Instagram Selfies We live in a world of selfies, and why shouldn’t we? Social media is here to stay and when you feel good, why wouldn’t you want to document it? Still, it’s so frustrating when you have to snap tons of photos before finally getting it right. As your senior pictures team, we want to help you get your selfies on point the... Read More

Father’s Day: Dads…Funny and Lovable

father's day

Father’s Day and Memorable Dad Moments We know dads can be interesting. When you are growing up, they can be larger than life heroes. When you are a teen, they can be dorky and annoying. Then, when you get older, they seem to re-emerge as heroes. We call this the dad-cycle. So, we thought it would be fun to look at dads in honor of... Read More

Must See Denver Summer Concerts

Denver summer concerts

Summer is here and school is out! So, that means it is concert season and this year there are some great Denver summer concerts that you will not want to miss. The truth is, when the summer concert season kicks off with Metallica (June 7th), you know it is going to be a great season! As your senior portraits destination, we have the scoop on all... Read More

Planning Your Graduation Party

graduation party planning

Graduation Party Planning Made Easy Yay! You made it and are ready to graduate. Now there is only one last thing to consider. Your graduation party. As your senior pictures expert, we get wind of a lot of graduation parties and the planning that goes into them. So, we thought we would break down some things you should consider when it comes to graduation party planning.... Read More

Summer 2017 Fashion

Summer 2017 Fashion

Summer is almost here and the racks at your favorite stores are bursting with summer apparel. And, you will find that a lot of the summer fashion apparel designs are straight from the spring and summer fashion shows from earlier this year. As your Denver portrait photographers, we have seen fashion trends come and go, as well as many return. The summer 2017 fashion trends... Read More