Jul 25

Puppy Love: Taking Senior Pictures with Your Pets!

Pet Senior Photography You know what they say – a dog is a man’s best friend. Always the first one to greet you after a Senior Pictures long day at school; always there to lend an ear. The best TV-watching buddy. Let’s face it – life just wouldn’t be the same without your furry friend at your side; and going off to college is going to be hard on both you and your pet.

Luckily for you, Monty Nuss has the perfect solution — how about bringing your animal along to your senior portrait session? All you have to do is schedule your senior session with Monty Nuss and we would be more than happy to take some pictures of you with your pet. That way when you’re away at school – and missing your pup – you’ll have something to look to make you smile.

We offer great picture ideas that capture the best of both you and your animal. More importantly, having your pet there to cheer you on will make you feel right at home, relaxed and confident in front of the camera!

Don’t let these precious summer days slip away! Right now is the perfect time to photograph you and your pet in the beautiful outdoors. Whether it be a reptile or a canine, pets are welcome at Monty Nuss! Give us a call at (303) 798-8229 and schedule your Denver senior session today.
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