Best Denver Spots for Winter Family Photos

winter family photography

Whether you shoot your family photos or hire a professional family photographer, location is the key. Fortunately, we live in Colorado, so there is no shortage of incredible vistas for a unique winter photo. Plus, our winter months are spectacular, offering gorgeous blue skies contrasted with snow on the ground. If you pick the right day, you can come away with a stunning photo. Today,... Read More

Family Photography with Pets

Here at Monty Nuss, we love our four-legged family members. Here in Colorado, it seems as though more people have pets than do not. That is why, if you visit our studio for one of our family photography sessions, you are likely to see a dog or two. In some cases, we have clients who choose to have their pet photography done under our roof.... Read More

Senior Photos During the Holidays

holiday senior pictures

We often think the best time to get senior pictures is during the late spring and summer months. However, that is not always the case, especially if you are currently a junior in high school or a senior who is a little late to the party. While yearbooks may have already closed for senior photo submissions, you can still get photos, even during the holidays... Read More

Holiday Family Photography Ideas in COVID

holiday family photography covid

This holiday season is going to look a little different than most. Many family celebrations will be a little muted as not everyone will gather out of an abundance of caution. Despite the miles that may separate families this year, there are still ways to help make your gatherings memorable, including some unique family photography ideas, even with COVID. Zoom Celebrations At this point, a... Read More

Capture Great Yearbook Pictures with Your iPhone 11 Camera

high school student taking photo of friends with iPhone 11

The iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max are changing the way we can take pictures. The cameras on these phones offer powerful capabilities that weren’t available on older iPhone models. What does this mean for you and your friends? Even greater possibilities for amazing yearbook pictures. The following tools can help you document your memorable moments from this school year in... Read More

6 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Family Photo Session

Get the Most Out of Your Family Photo Session

Fall is a great time for family photo sessions. The weather is still nice and the changing leaves provide a beautiful backdrop. Whether you’re looking for a beautiful family portrait or simply need to get pictures taken for your holiday cards, you should start planning your upcoming photo shoot now. If you’ve ever gone through a family photo session, you know it can be challenging.... Read More

10 Reasons to Love Snapchat

cell phone sitting in a mug with Snapchat app open

In the early days of Snapchat, it was primarily a place where users would share risqué pictures and videos without fear because this content would disappear shortly after being posted. However, the platform has evolved over the years, becoming much more robust in what it can accomplish. As a result, Snapchat now has over 218 million active users each day and over 10 billion videos... Read More

5 Ways to Enjoy Fall Colors in Colorado

scenic highway for fall foliage in the Colorado mountains

Fall in Colorado is beautiful. As the temperature begins to drop, we’re treated to a dazzling array of red, orange and yellow colors dotting the treetops across the state. It’s no wonder that many people consider this their favorite time of year. If you’re looking to enjoy the fall foliage, you should start planning your excursion now. We’re starting to enter the peak season for... Read More

Instagram Reels: A Fun New Way to Create and Share Short Videos

millenials creating an Instagram Reel video clip with their smart phone

Last month, Instagram launched their new content format in the United States. Instagram Reels provides a fun, creative way to create and share short video clips. This feature functions similarly to TikTok and offers users a great alternative to that platform, especially in light of TikTok’s tenuous status in the United States at the moment. Instagram Reels gives you the ability to record and edit... Read More

A Different Fall: Celebrating Senior Year Amidst Remote and Hybrid Learning

female high school student participating in remote learning during senior year during COVID-19 pandemic

School is back in session, although not in the way we’ve come to know it. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to re-imagine the school experience as many students are dealing with full-time remote or hybrid learning experiences. For high school seniors, this can be especially challenging. As you enter your final year of school, the ability to bond and connect with your classmates will... Read More