3 Tips for the Cutest Kid Ever: How to Master Your Next Denver Child Photography Session

Denver Photographer Monty Nuss Littleton, Colorado

Whether you want to capture your kids before they enter the “she’s on my side of the car” phase or just have some pictures of your little angel to show off at their college graduation, Monty Nuss Photography can do the job. To prepare for your next Denver child photography session, check out these three tips:

  1. Don’t force the smiles. Let’s face it – our kids don’t always do exactly what we want them to. That means when you tell them to smile a certain way, or sit a certain way, they might not do it just like you want. 10 years from now, will that really matter? That’s why we focus on capturing your child with natural smiles – nothing forced. Just relax and leave the hard work to us.
  2. Come prepared. It’s time to get in the head of your kid. You may not need your favorite blanket or toy to get your picture taken, but they will. Bring along a few of their favorite items so that they feel safe and comfortable throughout the session.
  3. Bring extra outfits. We often encourage our high school seniors to bring multiple changes of clothes, but in the case of your toddler, the extra fuss could make them extra fussy. One outfit change will be fine during the session, but it’s always wise to bring extra clothing just in case. You never know what could spill!

We don’t like to play favorites, but a child photography session can be one of ours. With just a little preparation, you can help take your next session from terrible twos to absolutely the cutest pictures of your child you’ve ever seen. To schedule your next session with Monty Nuss Photography, visit our website!

3 Tips for the Cutest Kid Ever- How to Master Your Next Denver Child Photography Session3
3 Tips for the Cutest Kid Ever- How to Master Your Next Denver Child Photography Session1