7 Dorm Decorating Tips

dorm decorating tips

Fall is just around the corner and with that comes the move back to campus for many students. Whether this is your first year calling a college dorm home or if you’re heading back to a dorm for the last time, making those rooms feel like home is an important part of the college experience. Having your own little space to decorate how you want is one of the coolest parts of college, but knowing where to start in the decorating game can be a little overwhelming at times. To help make your college dorm space both functional and fashionable, your senior pictures team at Monty Nuss have rounded up our best dorm decorating tips to make this your best year at college yet.

Hidden Storage

Storage is the name of the game and the most vital of our dorm decorating tips. When it comes to your dorm room bliss but the trick here is not dedicating your entire room to only storage. Look for ottomans that double as secret storage and bins that can double as end tables.

Coordinate with Roommates

If you haven’t met your roommate yet, but want to make sure your room looks good from day one, try contacting them before the school year starts and coordinate with them on design. Talk a little bit and get to know each other until you can settle on a design aesthetic that works for both of you. Then, divvy up who is bringing what and move-in day will be a well-designed breeze.

Washi Tape Accents

Washi Tape is great because it is easily removed but adds an adorable touch while it’s there. You can use this to line the front-facing side of shelves, to frame your posters and create your own little gallery wall, to make murals and spell out inspirational phrases above your desk. The uses for Washi Tape are endless, and you can easily peel it off without any damage when the school year ends.

Upgrade Your Bookshelf

If you’ve got a bookshelf, you’ve got a great opportunity for some fun decorating accents. Leave some space for nonbook items that add some flair like a potted succulent or framed photos. Adding that designer touch to your bookshelf will make study time seem a lot more inviting and will give your dorm room that added touch of hominess you’re going to want when you start missing mom’s home cooking.

Go Vertical With Storage

Here’s the thing about dorms – they’re usually smaller than you want them to be. With so little room and so much stuff, it’s important to maximize your space. One of the easiest ways you can do that is to go vertical with your storage. Wherever you can, build up instead of out and you’ll find that your dorm feels much roomier than you imagined it could.

Create a “Kitchen” Space

By intentionally making a “kitchen” space in your dorm, you’re making it easier to grab snacks when you need them, make a quick breakfast before heading to that early morning class, or fuel up when you’re studying and the cafeteria is closed.

Lighting Is Key

No one likes to be stuck in a dingy dorm room without some good mood lighting. Adding some fun lamps or twinkle lights to bring some ambiance to your dorm sweet home is a must-have for all campus dwellers. Plus, anything is better than the fluorescent overhead lights you’re stuck with if you don’t bring your own.

We hope these dorm decorating tips help you if you’re heading off to college. If you are and are clamoring for some photos with your friends to take with you on the big move, contact us to get a best friend session scheduled.