Must Have Back To School Fashion

back to school fashion

If you’re like us, you’re already daydreaming of your back to school outfits. There’s nothing quite like fall fashion to get you ready to slay the year ahead. Sorting through the myriad of fall trends can be a major pain – where do you start? What will work for you? To get you started, your favorite senior pictures team have some of the big things to keep an eye out for and give a try to mix up your wardrobe for back to school fashion.

Classic Staples

Prepping your closet with a few basic items is the perfect foundation for whatever else you try this fall. White t’s and black skinny jeans are the perfect 1-2 punch to get your back to school fashion wardrobe started.

Daytime Sequins

Who says sequins are just for girls’ night out and school dances? Daytime sequins are making their appearance in the hallways this fall with accents and sequined sleeves as opposed to the overall sequined look that’s still all the rage for the dance floor. This take on the sequins trend allows you to add some sparkle to your every day without feeling like you’re drowning in glitter.


Another Fall, another round of suede. The cooler weather staple from last year is making a comeback again. Suede skirts are the perfect complement to your oversized sweaters and scarves. Make sure to grab one in a rich, earthy tone to go with your pumpkin spice latte.

Festival Boho

Hippy chic is back. After the festival excitement of the summer, it’s understandable you’d want to bring some of that to your academic life and back to school fashion choices. Lucky for you, boho chic is back. Try flared jeans, flowy sleeves, fringe and floral prints to give this trend a try.

Mixed Prints

Floral with plaid? Heck yeah. Stripes with polka dots? Absolutely. The rules of thumb for mixing prints are out the window and all bets are off this fall. If you have a couple of pieces in your closet you don’t think would go together but you love dearly separately – put them together one day. One thing to keep in mind when mixing prints is to keep similar or complementary color schemes.

Embroidered Jeans

Forget plain old denim. Light and dark denim are getting an upgrade this fall with touches of embroidery. The patches and pins trend of the past year is carrying on strong this fall, taking its talents to the bottom half of your outfits. Look for embroidery that matches your personality or push your boundaries with something a little outside your comfort zone.

As you get your wardrobe ready for school, don’t forget to keep those impending senior portraits in mind. If you’re ready to showcase your new back to school fashion picks with a photoshoot, we’re ready to help you highlight your best looks. Contact us at (303) 798-8229 or visit us online to schedule a session today.