Be a VIP with Monty Nuss Photography

Denver Photographer Monty Nuss Littleton, Colorado

What could be more fun than an exciting photoshoot with an experienced Denver photographer? How about a photoshoot with a Denver photographer AND a group of your best friends from high school?

At Monty Nuss Photography, we have 30 years of experience in capturing Denver at its finest. High school might not last forever, but your memories from it can. With a VIP shoot, you and the gang can get pictures that aren’t just fun to take, but fun to revisit in 15 years. Grab a group of 10-30 of your friends and give Monty Nuss a call for a free VIP session!

What’s a VIP shoot? Just what it sounds like! We’ll set up a special shoot and share all of the photos for you right on Facebook. The best part? It’s all up to you! Choose your friends, your outfit, your pose and have fun! A VIP shoot is your chance to have fun and look great in front of the camera. And just think – when you revisit these pictures with your friends at your 20-year high school reunion, maybe you can even get a laugh at how crazy your hair and clothes were.

If a VIP shoot sounds like just the type of session you and your friends want to do, call Monty Nuss Photography today: 303-798-8229.

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