Don’t Forget Your BFF

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Things To Do With Your BFF This Summer

We’re kissing school goodbye, and for some of us that means walking across the stage, turning the tassle to the other side, and accepting our high school diplomas. It’s the end of an era, with a new one on the horizon come fall. Whether you’re headed off to college or doing something else entirely, you may be staring down the final summer of no schoolwork and a break in big, serious obligations. You may also be staring down the final summer with some of your best friends. Before you head to different colleges or go off on your own adventures, take this summer to soak up your time together and make the most of your BFF relationships exactly as it is right now. We know, that’s a lot of emotion to pack into one summer, so here are a few tips on how to get started having one of the most memorable summers of your life.

Take a Road Trip Together

Pack up some snacks and head out for a BFF summer road trip. Go to that place you always said you wanted to go to but could never find the time. After this summer, the next time you see each other, a lot may have changed. That might not affect your friendship, but it may impact the time you have to spend with one another once college starts. Now’s the perfect time to adventure together one last time in a big way before stuff changes. Whether it’s a trail on the other side of the state you always wanted to hike or a film festival or music festival you pinky promised you’d see together, seize the chances you have this summer to make those dreams a reality! And soak every moment of it up.

Visit Your Favorite Places

You know, the coffee shop you always studied together at on the weekends or put your heads together to make progress in that project you’ve been working on together for months. Your favorite restaurant to hit up before the movies on Friday night, the park you planned your future weddings in together a few summers back. The ice cream shop where you took each other after breakups and to celebrate successes in your lives. Every friendship has those spots – the ones that have helped define and solidify your bond and have become a tradition over the years. This summer is a great time to get back to your friendship roots and get a little nostalgic together with some “final” visits to those spots.

Make a Plan

When the summer comes to a close, and you get ready to head off in your different directions, just know that this won’t be the last time you see each other. It may feel like everything is changing, and a lot of things certainly may change, but it’s not the end by any means. Make a plan to stay in touch – maybe that’s setting up a weekly FaceTime date or time when you are guaranteed to have a free schedule for a call. Prioritizing each other and your friendship even when there’s all this distance between you that wasn’t there before is key if you want the friendship to stand the test of time. A little planning goes a long way in making sure you both continue to feel loved and involved in each others’ lives even as this new chapter in your lives begins.

There are so many ways to remember your friendship exactly how it is in this moment, but if you want to add some keepsakes you will both cherish for years to come to that list, consider a BFF Pictures and shoot with the pros here at Monty Nuss. It’s a fun way to spend an afternoon getting glammed up and looking like models together, and you get to send each other off this coming fall with fond memories and some gorgeous photos to remember the summer by.