Candid Celebrities: They’re People, Too!

Denver Photographer Monty Nuss Littleton, Colorado

Celebrities are constantly under pressure to look their best: makeup done, hair done and their clothes always fashionable. But sometimes, let’s just say they can get caught at their worst. Whether it’s a patch of horrible lighting or a bad hair day, celebrities are people, too. Whoever shot this photo of Lindsay Lohan wasn’t exactly going for a glamour shot. And poor Alec Baldwin – somebody should have told him to shave the day of this picture! A bad photo can happen to the best of us.

Just like Alec and Lindsay, we all have our bad days, too. But at Monty Nuss Photography, we can capture you at your best. With experienced and professional Denver photographers, your senior pictures won’t come back with your eyes half-open and your hair flying about. Our photographers aren’t just masters of the camera – they’re masters at making sure you look your best. If it’s tips on mastering your makeup or how to dress for success that you need, we’ve got all that!

Whether it’s a pet photography session, a photo shoot for your senior pictures or a session with the whole family – Monty Nuss Photography won’t let you pull a Lindsay! Check out our pictures below to see how great our clients look. To schedule your next session with our experienced Denver photography team, contact Monty Nuss today!

Candid Celebrities- They’re People, Too! 2 Candid Celebrities- They’re People, Too! 1