Capturing Holiday Family Moments

capturing holiday family moments

The holiday season is coming around the corner quickly. Heck, the day after Halloween we started seeing Christmas commercials, decorations for sale in stores, and the songs – they’ve started playing in more places than even we’d like to admit (not to be a Grinch). If you’re wondering how you’re going to manage to capture your favorite holiday moments in the midst of the million and two other things you need to do to prepare for the holidays, we’ve got some things for you to consider. When everyone is already coming together to celebrate, it’s an ideal time to consider getting professional photography done. After all, who knows when the next time you’ll have everyone’s schedules coordinated like this will be?

Family Photos

Outside or in-studio, family photo sessions are great for those of you out there who are tired of looking at that photo hanging above the couch where everyone is at least three years younger. Whether you’re looking for some shots with all the cousins, nieces, and nephews, or just a few with your immediate family, we’ve got you covered. The key to phenomenal family portraits lies in our Uniquely You Experience, where we capture you and your family’s personalities and those candid moments that make the real difference and showcase the true memories.

Family Portraits

Maybe you don’t need an updated snap of everybody, but you’re dying to get some individual shots of the kiddos. Portraits are another great option for this time of year. Our portraits highlight our extensive knowledge of which lighting, backgrounds, and angles to use to showcase your best, most natural side and bring out the parts of your personality that so many other “studio” portraits miss.

Capturing Your Own Moments

Of course, apart from the kind of quality memories a photo session can help you capture, you’re going to want to snap your own shots while all the festivities are happening. Look for ways to utilize natural lighting, avoid photos where the backlighting is too strong, and pay attention to what’s going on in the background of your images. Try for some creative angles, like getting a snap of the Thanksgiving spread from above the table, or taking a snap from table-level at the head of the table. Use the rule of thirds to make the most of your smartphone or personal camera photography and capture some of that holiday magic with your own artistic flair!

There’s so much that goes on during this time of year. The to-do lists seem endless, coordinating everyone’s schedules and responsibilities can be overwhelming, but there are so many beautiful moments in between the madness. Remember to soak those up, camera in hand or not. One of the best parts of scheduling a pre-holiday photo session is that you know you’ll have some great photos to remember this time of year without having to have your nose in your phone or camera the entire time when the day to celebrate finally arrives.