Catching Fall Colors In Your Family Photos

fall family photos

School just started and the temperatures are still Dog Days of Summer hot, but we all know how quickly that can change in Colorado. And when it changes, families start scrambling for fall family photos with the stunning Colorado colors. We get it, the colors are gorgeous and so worth capturing. But managing to get a session in at the peak of the colors does require a little planning. If you’ve missed them in the past or you’re hoping to score another beautiful, vibrant session this year, here are some things to remember.   

Look Ahead  

We all know that weather forecasts aren’t exactly the most accurate around these parts. Something that was supposed to happen in the afternoon can completely disappear or gain strength over the mountains and leave us in the foothills with a totally different weather landscape. So while you can’t plan for the exact day, you can look at years past and see when the peak colors usually occur and where they occur.  

Know What You Want 

The way the colors progress is pretty consistent year after year, and though it happens fast, you can have a general idea of which colors are likely to be most prominent in small windows of the peak color season. Given that the peak color season itself is a pretty small window, it’s important to know what you want if you’re planning on coordinating outfits to go with a specific color scheme.  

You may also consider what you want from the shoot in general. Are you looking for the general cozy, warm-toned feel of Fall in general, or are you gunning for golden aspens? If you know what you want, you can schedule accordingly.  

Schedule Now 

Want to know our biggest secret to getting a fall family photo session that showcases the peak fall colors in all their glory? Schedule early! It’s a short window of time and people all over the Front Range get excited about the idea of it. Your best bet at snagging a beautiful, rich-toned, color-filled day is to get it on the calendar now.  

Ready to book the fall family photo session of your dreams? Give us a call or contact us online to schedule today