Denver Photography How To: Dressing Your Child for a Photoshoot

Denver Photographer Monty Nuss Littleton, Colorado

So you just scheduled your child’s first photoshoot. Before you worry about how to get them to focus and have fun (because that’s our job!), it is time to consider what your child should wear. With spring just around the corner, our Denver photography team has put together a few tips on how to dress your child for their upcoming photoshoot.

  • Avoid the stripes or bold patterns. The focus of a photograph should be your child – not their clothing. Bold patterns and stripes will draw the lens (and the eye) in and distract you from just how cute your little one is. Opt for solid colors instead.
  • Let them be comfortable. A comfortable kid is a happy kid. If your daughter isn’t big on dresses, this photoshoot might not be the best time to make her start. Dress your child in clothes both of you like so they can look and feel natural.
  • When in doubt, dress classic. There are some clothes that will never go out of style: cardigans, khakis, button-down shirts. No matter the setting or season, your little one will look great during their child photography session.

By following these simple tips in dressing your child for their next photoshoot, you can help us capture them at their best. To book your next Denver child photography session, contact us today!

Denver Photography How To- Dressing Your Child for a Photoshoot2 Denver Photography How To- Dressing Your Child for a Photoshoot1