Fall 2017 Fashion Trends 

fall 2017 fashion trends

Fall fashion is just around the corner, and even though the runway is not exactly school cafeteria ready, there have been some awesome trend inspirations that you can take and make your own as you update your wardrobe for the fall. As your Denver photographers, shooting countless sessions, you can bet we have our eye on the latest fashion trends. This year is now different as we look at the fall 2017 fashion trends.


Fringe is the (wo)man of the hour when it comes to fall 2017 fashion trends. You can find it on shirts, skirts, boots, and more. Especially here in Colorado, this trend lets you bring out your inner Western girl out without having to go full cowhide (though if that’s your thing, no judgments here). Fringe accents are equal parts western slope and boho chic and with a lot of items featuring fringe falling into the neutral and suede categories, you can accessorize however you want!


A carryover from spring with a darker touch, florals are still in for fall. To adjust, trade your white and pinks for burgundies, plums, and dark blues. Darker hued floral fashions will make transitioning your wardrobe from fall to winter wonderfully easy, too.

Leather Pants

For the edgier fashionistas out there, this will be the one you want to try out. That’s right, leather pants are back. With the resurgence of leather jackets in recent years, it’s really not a surprise that this particular trend popped back up on the radar, but the ways it’s become more modernized are worth taking note. While the classic black leather pants are certainly front and center, there’s also a lot of colored leather accents and motorcycle-style pants making their debut, so keep an eye out for fun ways to put your own individual twist on the trend.


Patchwork is a little more tricky than the average trend to pull off, if only because it naturally has so much going on. But there are some pretty sweet patchwork sundresses that would look amazing paired with a plain leather jacket or cardigan if you’re looking to try this daring trend out. If you’re aiming for the patchwork look, just be careful to keep the rest of your look simple. It’s also a more hippie-flowy trend, so it might just be the perfect complement to that flower crown you’ve been dying to wear to school.

Graphic Tees with a Purpose

In today’s world, everyone is looking for an easy and obvious way to make a statement. Whether it’s political statements, band shirts, or just a tee that says something you care about loud and proud, graphic tees with big statements are hitting home this fall. And hey, why not let everyone know what you’re about as you walk down the halls with your head held high?

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