Family Photo Time: How to Match for Your Next Shoot

Denver Photographer Monty Nuss Littleton, Colorado

Remember that picture from 1983 your family took where everybody is wearing the exact same sweater? That might have been “cute” back then, but these days, dressing for a family photo shoot requires a bit more than four unisex sweaters.  If you want your family to look their best, check out these tips on how to match:

1. Choose a style first. It’s going to be hard to match if Sarah is wearing her Sunday best and Timmy is wearing his favorite cargo shorts. Before you even start thinking about specific outfits, think about styles. Are you going for casual, formal or somewhere in-between?

2. Don’t be too matchy. You want your family to match, but not “match match.” What does that mean? Try to avoid everybody wearing the exact same shade of purple or – worse yet – the exact same outfit entirely. Start with a color scheme that includes a few different options and go from there. Need some help on where to start? Check out our “Family Time” board on Pinterest!

3. Pick a foundation. Want to make it look like you’re a family and not just a bunch of strangers wearing the same color? Pick a foundation piece – like a belt, scarf or necklace. The little details like accessories can help bring the matching together. Try having each girl wear a pearl necklace (but not the exact same one!) and each boy wear a brown belt that’s visible. It’s the details that really count!

You know your family is so adorable and so do we. But to help the photos reflect it, be sure to follow these simple tips before you go get all matchy matchy! To book your next Denver family photography session, contact Monty Nuss.

Family Photo Time- How to Match for Your Next Shoot 2