Favorite Camera Accessories

Camera Accessories

Holiday shopping season has arrived! If you’ve got a shutterbug in your family and you’re wondering what the best gifts would be to help nurture their passion for photography, we totally understand. If you’re overwhelmed by the sheer number of camera accessories out there and don’t know where to start, we understand that, too! As your Denver photographer, here are our suggestions for some must-have camera accessories for the DSLR owner who’s looking to up their photography game in your life.

Camera Bag

A really good camera bag is number one on our list because it’s the perfect and necessary housing unit for all the other camera accessories you might shower on your camera-lover. A good camera bag that comes with compartments and solid padding will go a long way and is the number one thing (besides, you know, an actual camera) that a DSLR photographer needs to have.

Basic Lens Set

Most cameras come equipped with one lens, maybe two, though you can buy just the body of a camera or a full set. But if your photographer (or you!) are sitting pretty with a nice camera and only one lens, we recommend investing in a basic set of lenses. What people recommend here typically varies, but think about the type of photography you’re drawn to most, then do a little research on what lenses are best for that type of photography and build your dream set from there. If you aren’t sure what kind of photography you’re into yet, get a diverse and versatile set of lenses so you can play with different styles until you find your niche.

Extra Battery

No one wants to be in the middle of a creative burst or out on a long shoot and realize halfway through that your battery is running low. An extra (make sure you always have it charged) battery is a lifesaver for many a photographer and makes the perfect addition to that fancy camera bag.

Sturdy Tripod

If you’re doing shooting in low-light situations or are interested in long-exposure photography, a sturdy tripod will be your best friend. It’s also fantastic to have for landscape photography. There are tons of cheap tripods out there, but we recommend choosing a solid, high-quality one from the get-go. After all, we’ve heard some serious horror stories from great budding photographers about expensive DSLRs falling off of cheap tripods, so if we can help you avoid a similar fate, you better believe we will!

There are a million and two other accessories we love and would recommend, but if you’re looking to help your favorite shutterbug build a solid photography toolkit, or are looking to get a foundation going to scratch your own photography itch, these are the absolute baseline must-haves, and though they might not be the most exciting gadgets on the market, they are the things that will help you improve your skills behind the camera fast.