College Essentials – Plan Now!

getting ready for college tips

Getting Ready for College Tips

Spring is upon us, and that means the school year is coming to an end. For you who did senior photos with us last summer, this is the time when you’re making decisions on where you’ll be headed next fall, what school you’ll attend to take your education to the next level. It might seem like it’s a little early to start planning out the details of that next big adventure, but the truth is it’s the perfect time to think it through! There’s a lot to get in line between now and your first step onto campus in the fall, so we came up with a few getting ready for college tips to help get you started.

Dream up Your Dorm

Part of having the full college experience is living on campus and that means living in the dorms. You’ll probably be sharing a room, whether it’s with your best friend, or someone new. That means you might not have to bring everything, but it also means you’ll have to consider someone else’s style and taste when you’re planning it out. Of course, you’ll have your own little corners, the space around your bed, your desk, that you can personalize and make all your own. Start a Pinterest board to help you dream up your ideal space, and once you find out your roommate, you can invite them and the two of you can collaborate.

Consider Your Interests

Maybe you’re not going into your freshman year fully decided on what you want to major in. That’s okay! One of the best things about freshman year is that it’s designed for exploration. Pre-requisites and core classes help you dip your toes in a bunch of different areas of interest, but having an idea of where you might like to focus your studies is helpful. Consider the classes you do best in school now. Consider which classes you like the most, and brainstorm some career ideas that can help you continue doing the things you like while combining the things you’re naturally gifted at. Once you have a few ideas for career paths that might interest you, do some research into what degrees are needed to make that happen. Then, at least, you’ll have a foundation to build from.

Curate Your Closet

There are a few times in life where reinventing your style comes as a clean slate. Moving from high school to college is one of those times. If you’ve been wanting to clear out your closet and try some new things, now is the time to do it! You can experiment over the summer with new styles and by the time fall rolls around, you’ll have a better idea of what really feels like you, or who you want to be, fashion-wise. It’s a freeing time of self-discovery, transitioning from high school to college, so lean into it in all the ways you can.

Getting ready for college can be a lot of fun, and daydreaming about who you want to be and what you want to be doing when you start your next chapter in life is an exciting place to be. Don’t forget to make some serious memories between now and then, though, and capture as much of it as you can!