Throwing the Best Halloween Party Ever

Halloween Party Tips

Halloween Party Tips

Halloween, like family photography season, is coming up fast (is it wrong to start celebrating as soon as the calendar turns over to October? If it is, we’re not sure we want to be right), and we are already getting ready to throw the best Halloween bashes. If you, like us, are counting down the days until it’s entirely appropriate to share your costume trial runs, gorge yourself on candy corn, and plan the epic group photos you’re definitely going to get next to the giant fake spider webs, we’ve got your back. Here are our Halloween party tips on how to throw your best monster bash yet!

Get Creative

We all know that Halloween is the best time to tap into your creativity, so lean into it when you’re in party-planning mode. Think up the wildest themes, the best decoration ideas, really let your mind run with it all. Once you’ve laid the good, the bad, and the spoopy out on the table, you can scale back to the right idea for your party and your guest list. Extend that creativity to your snack selection as well (think spooky green “potion” punches, “finger” sandwiches, and more)

Strike the Spooky Balance

The best of Halloween parties have a little bit of a scare factor, but not enough to make people wonder if they stumbled into a serious haunted house on accident. Finding the right balance between spooky accents and good, old-fashioned fun isn’t always easy, but if you keep it to about 30% spooky, and the rest mild spook at best, you should be striking the kind of balance that creates the perfect All Hallow’s Eve mood.

Costume Contest

Is it even a Halloween party if you don’t have a costume contest? Choose different categories for people to enter and make sure people know the guidelines ahead of time. Some good examples are: group costume, spookiest costume, best replica, pop culture costume, best costume makeup, and the list can go on. Throwing in a crow’s favorite category is always a good way to get the party-goers who may not have entered themselves involved in the fun.

Ghoulish Games

While often times people are happy to mingle about at a solid Halloween party, enjoying the playlist (Monster Mash is only on there once, right?!), it’s sometimes a great idea to have some games at the ready. If it’s still warm when the big night rolls around, consider doing a spooky-themed game of cornhole with orange and black bean bags. Monster “Freeze” Dance is another great option – a classic case of “dance like crazy til the music goes off, then everyone has to FREEZE,” this game can result in endless laughs when one person doesn’t quite get the freezing memo. There are plenty of ghoulish games out there to choose from, so pick the ones that fit your party best – you might even have a pumpkin decorating contest as a game with mini-pumpkins and paint markers. Most creative gets a prize!

Keep it Light

Unless your guest list signed up for a slasher-movie marathon or you’re planning to throw a rather macabre party in general, it’s best to remember to tread lightly on the scary stuff. At least, the really scary stuff. You can’t go wrong with a couple fun frights – because isn’t that half the fun of a Halloween party anyway? – but remember that people are there to have a good time, not leave convinced they’ll be having nightmares for weeks.

All in all, have fun, dress up, and blast some Michael Jackson’s Thriller, or Panic! At the Discos’ It’s Almost Halloween, and you should be in for a good night.