Why Holidays are Perfect for Family Sessions

holiday family photos

Holiday Family Photos

With the holiday season creeping up, many are planning for their annual family photography sessions. Others may be scratching their heads wondering what might make a good gift for the mom/grandma/aunt/uncle/papa who just seems to have it all. Some may be wondering what all the fuss is with holiday family photos this time of year anyway. If you fall in the second or third camps, we get it. Family can be hard to shop for, and the value of a photoshoot is often undersold. Let’s bust through some of the myths and get to the bottom of why holidays are the perfect time for a family photo session.

Everyone’s Already Together

Our first point is one of the most obvious, but also one of the most often overlooked. Convenience comes in handy when you’re scheduling a holiday family photos session, especially if you’re looking to go beyond the members who live in your house. Around the holidays, family is already gathering, so if possible, have them all get together a few days earlier and book that family shoot. It’s a good excuse to extend your holiday and capture some great memories while you’re at it.

Makes a Great Gift

Fresh photos of the whole family, professionally shot and edited, make great gifts for those hard-to-shop-for relatives. Professional photos have that extra special touch to them, where everyone looks their best, but their personality still shines through, and the quality is unmatched. Get a canvas print, or frame one of your favorite prints from the shoot to gift this holiday season, and you’ll be impressed with the reactions you get!

Perfect for Documentation

Family photos are such a great way to capture a perfectly imperfect snapshot in time of what your family is like right now. The right photographers will bring out the best personality traits in your family and make sure those are on full display in the photos they take. We know the importance of having photos that truly feel like “you,” and there’s simply no replacement for having snapshots that document your family at any given moment in time.

A Fun Look Back

If you make family photos an annual occasion, the recurring documentation can be a fun thing to look back at over the years, seeing how much you and your loved ones have grown and changed. It gets even more exciting when kids and grandkids get married and start families of their own – then the photos just keep expanding!

There are so many reasons getting family photos is a great idea any time of the year, but with the holidays around the corner, and so many family gatherings happening naturally, it just makes sense to schedule one now. Plus, if you can catch the tail end of Fall colors, your photos can have that extra touch of natural beauty before the snow and cooler temperatures get the best of the Front Range. If you’re ready to schedule your family session now, give us a call, or head to our contact us page to tell us a little more about what you’re looking for! We’d be thrilled to help capture the “Uniquely You” personality and family dynamic you have to offer.