How Senior Pictures Have Changed

Since the beginning of the senior pictures phenomenon, a lot has changed. If you were ever curious how we got to the stylish, personality-filled shots that grace yearbooks nowadays, we thought we’d take a trip waaaay back down memory lane and look at all the ways in which this particular subset of photography has shifted over the decades.

From Head and Shoulders

When senior photos first came onto the scene, there wasn’t much to differentiate them from the rest of the school photos. They started out as a basic head and shoulders shot that marked your last year as a high schooler before starting out in the “real world” or heading on to higher education. A simple enough tradition, but those simple headshots were destined for much more.

To Heading Outside

Eventually, senior photos took a turn. Rather than falling in line with the typical school portrait, students starting wanting something more, something exciting, something that leveled up the look and feel of the senior portrait. One of the biggest shifts was moving from a studio to a more lively outdoor scene for the pictures or using a combination of studio and outdoor images to give a breadth and showcase a little bit more of who each individual student was rather than keeping it simple and mostly uniform.

Adding Personality

The next level in senior photos came with props and outfits and an emphasis on personality. This is similar to what today’s senior photos look like. Whether it was choosing the outfits that made you feel most yourself, making sure your letterman’s jacket got its moment in the sun, or grabbing that guitar you’ve been pouring all your free time into, this addition of key identifying factors to who you are at that point in time really took this area of photography to the next level.

And Making It Your Own

Now, personality-focused is par for the course, so standing out among the crowd is about something a little bit more. Often, it comes down to choosing the right photographer, someone who is willing to work with you, someone who will create images that are Uniquely You, truly. Making the photos your own takes a professional eye combined with a friendly, easygoing experience that makes you feel at ease in front of the camera and can capture those moments where your best self shines through, all while making sure you look your best, too. That’s what we at Monty Nuss pride ourselves on – we’re dedicated to our Uniquely You Experience, ensuring the images you get back are ones you can fall in love with time and time again. After all, capturing this moment in time is important, but having images that can stand the test of time is priceless.