Soaking Up Every Bit of Your Last High School Days

Enjoying Last Months of High School

Enjoying Last Months of High School

Summer is just around the corner for high school students and for seniors that means the countdown to graduation and kissing high school goodbye for good is officially on! It’s exciting and bittersweet and maybe even a little terrifying all at the same time, and there are few other moments in life that will compare to this time right now. So how do you make the most of it without falling behind in classes or watching the days slide by faster than you realized they could go? Here are some tips for enjoying last months of high school – soaking up that pre-graduation fun and making the most of what’s left of your high school career.

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Do Something You’ve Never Done

Get out of your comfort zone. Check something off your bucket list with your friends. Shake things up and experience something new. The last couple of months of your high school career will lead into a whole lot of new things that you may or may be fully prepared for, so why not slide into the newness with a little pre-graduation fun?

Spend Time With Your Favorite People

Everyone thinks things won’t change after high school, but that’s just not true. That isn’t to say that your bond with your friends will break by any means, but your group will inevitably splinter a little. Some of you may be planning to attend college out of state, or on the other side of the state, or study abroad. Some of you may be going straight into the workforce. Life changes in a big way after high school, so make sure you soak up the way things are now with your favorite people while it’s still the way it is. After graduation, your friendships will deepen and shift, and that’s a really freaking cool thing to experience, but there’s no reason you should hold back on the sleepovers, late night chats, ice cream dates, explorations, and movie nights while you still have the same schedules, similar priorities and goals.

Go on More Adventures

You probably hear this from adults all the time, but there will be few times in your life where you will have more freedom and fewer responsibilities than you do right now. Use that to your advantage – go on more adventures! Take weekend trips with your friends, try new restaurants after school, hike some new trails. Whatever adventure means to you, go get it!

Capture the Moments

On those adventures, while you’re trying new things and hanging out with your favorite people, capture what you can! Snap a few photos to remember everything by, but don’t get caught up in photoshoots every time. Once you’ve got a couple good snaps, put the phone or camera away and just BE in the moment. That’s the most important thing, really, in these days of big change and more momentum than you sometimes feel like you can handle. Enjoy, like, really enjoy the time you have and the memories you’re creating right now. They will be more important than you realize as you continue to grow and pursue your dreams.

Look, there’s no perfect formula for squeezing all there is to get out of your last days of high school, but these ideas might help spark some grand thoughts of your own. At the heart of it all, do the things that are going to make you happy, create some fantastic memories, and help you hold onto those memories even when you and your friends are apart.