Making the Most of Fall Photos

fall family photos

Everybody loves fall, and fall in Colorado is something extra special, but when you think about your fall photos, whether it’s a family session, a portrait session, or something else, there are a number of things to consider. Here are our tips on making the most of your fall family photography session.


We talked about this last month, but it still stands. Everyone loves a good photo session when the fall colors are at their height, but that isn’t always easy to land. Booking well in advance is preferred as those slots fill up fast. If you can’t snag that, consider the timing of your session. What do you want to capture, how do you want the photos to feel? It’s also important to consider the timing and availability of everyone involved in the photo session. Getting the extended family together can be much more complicated than making time with your immediate family.

More Than Color

Like we said, the fall colors are beautiful, but there is much more to a fall photo session than capturing those leaves at their prettiest. The fall offers such interesting tones and textures throughout the season, and it’s about much more than color. Lighting can be beautifully filtered when the clouds roll in and golden hour is a special kind of magic this time of year, reflecting off the trees and drying grass. It’s not just the colorful leaves that make this season special.

Get Cozy

Cooler temperatures mean you can break out those gorgeous chunky sweaters and flannel shirts to create a cozy feel for your photos. Scarves and jackets and booties galore make for some adorable photos that capture that cozy fall feeling year-round. Coordinate rather than matching and enjoy all the comfy cute fashion that encapsulates the beauty of fall.

Make a Memory

People forget that the real draw of a photo session isn’t just having the photos when you’re done to cherish forever, it’s all about the process. It’s about spending time together as a family, and the hilarious moments that happen when you’re trying to wrangle your toddler for the photo or your middle child won’t stop pulling faces at the camera. It’s the frustrating non-cooperation that gives way to a teaching moment, and it’s the fun of someone grabbing an armful of leaves and tossing them in the air at the most unexpected moment. People, kids especially, get a little slap-happy when put in front of a camera, and one of our favorite things to see is how that makes memories. You don’t just get gorgeous photos, you get to make a memory with your family, and that’s the best part of it.

What are you waiting for? Book your fall photo session today and get ready to capture some fall magic.