Tips for Hosting Your Coolest Movie Night Yet

movie night tips

Movie Night Tips

If you’re looking for a way to turn a Friday Night “In” into something exciting for you and your friends, it’s time to revive the classic movie night. But don’t just settle for popping a DVD in the player or pulling something up on Netflix and popping a couple bags of popcorn. Oh, no, it’s time to level-up your movie night experience and make it one you and your friends will be talking about (and Instagramming) for a long time. These tips will help you turn your basic movie night into the next-level evening in that’s even more exciting and memorable than going out on the town.

Choose Your Movie Wisely

This is probably the hardest part of a movie night – picking what you’re going to watch. Keep in mind the invite list and what their preferences may be, and try to find something no one’s seen before, but that you’ve heard nothing but good things about. That way it’s exciting, engaging, and surprising for everyone, but you don’t end up with a dud that bores everyone to sleep halfway through.

Theme Your Treats

Once the movie has been picked, it’s time to set the menu! Of course, you’ll want popcorn, but see if there’s a way you can spice it up. Add seasonings or melt some chocolate over it (or make a few different batches with a few different flavors!). As for the rest of the snacks – see if you can make them fit a theme that’s in line with your movie choice. Watching Moulin Rouge? Go with pirouette cookies and baguettes with cheese, etc. Checking out the latest Pitch Perfect? Pick out music-themed snacks and get your girl power on!

Build In Some Talk Time

If you’re planning a set end-time for the evening and not turning it into a movie night sleepover, make sure you leave some time in the plan to chat. Before the movie, after the movie, a little bit of both, but leaving some time for everyone to catch up on life and talk about whatever’s going on in the world will a) give everyone a chance to bond, laugh, and get to know each other better, and b) make it easier to keep the movie as a no-talk zone. Everyone knows how annoying it is when you press play and five minutes later everyone’s whispering to each other but not really paying attention.

Have Plenty of Blankets

Half the fun of movie night is the coziness of it all. Make sure your space is comfortable. Lay out some sleeping bags if you need to, but if you’ve got plenty of blankets and pillows, you’ll be just fine. The comfier the better, though, so if you’re trying to have a real 90s flashback with some gigantic bean bag chairs thrown into the mix, we won’t stop you!

Because winter likes to strike late around the Denver/Boulder area, now’s the perfect time to gather everyone indoors for a cozy night of chatting, watching something good, and getting your snack on. May we suggest adding a hot cocoa bar to the mix? The holidays may be over, but anytime the thermometer drops below freezing is a good enough excuse for hot cocoa if you ask us! What are your favorite movie night tips and tricks? Have you been to any get-togethers that were particularly Instagrammable lately?