Family Photo Time: How to Match for Your Next Shoot

Remember that picture from 1983 your family took where everybody is wearing the exact same sweater? That might have been “cute” back then, but these days, dressing for a family photo shoot requires a bit more than four unisex sweaters.  If you want your family to look their best, check out these tips on how to match: 1. Choose a style first. It’s going to... Read More

Want to be a VIP? Let Monty Nuss Photography Get You There!

What does it mean to be a VIP? Red carpet, limo rides, champagne, free puppies? Well, not quite. But at Monty Nuss Photography, our VIP photography sessions are the next best thing to the treatment all the celebrities get. Why should you and all of your friends contact our Denver photography team to set up your own VIP session? We’ve got a few reasons in... Read More

Pet Photography Prep: 3 Tips to Get Your Pet Ready

Next to newborn photography, senior pictures and family portraits, pet photography is one of our favorite sessions. Ok, who are we kidding; we love any opportunity to get behind the lens. But a Denver pet photography session is definitely one that gets more “awww” than any other session. A few weeks ago, we posted our favorite tips to prepare you and your pet for your... Read More

Candid Celebrities: They’re People, Too!

Celebrities are constantly under pressure to look their best: makeup done, hair done and their clothes always fashionable. But sometimes, let’s just say they can get caught at their worst. Whether it’s a patch of horrible lighting or a bad hair day, celebrities are people, too. Whoever shot this photo of Lindsay Lohan wasn’t exactly going for a glamour shot. And poor Alec Baldwin –... Read More

Be a VIP with Monty Nuss Photography

What could be more fun than an exciting photoshoot with an experienced Denver photographer? How about a photoshoot with a Denver photographer AND a group of your best friends from high school? At Monty Nuss Photography, we have 30 years of experience in capturing Denver at its finest. High school might not last forever, but your memories from it can. With a VIP shoot, you... Read More

A New Year, a New Look

With 2011 behind us, it’s time for a new year and a new look. Maybe your New Year’s resolution is to get in shape, change up your style or maybe get that new haircut you’ve been thinking about. Whatever the resolution, Monty Nuss Photography and our talented Denver photography team is ready to capture your look. Are you looking to go with Taylor Swift’s new... Read More

Black and White Photos or Color Photos? It’s Up to You!

More and more, our clients are requesting a large number of their prints to be in black and white. It’s certain that black and white photographs have made a comeback of sorts over the last decade. Clients and photographers alike have seemed to rediscover the beauty of black and white images. If you have a passion for black and white photos, we can easily order... Read More