Planning Your Graduation Party

graduation party planning

Graduation Party Planning Made Easy

Yay! You made it and are ready to graduate. Now there is only one last thing to consider. Your graduation party. As your senior pictures expert, we get wind of a lot of graduation parties and the planning that goes into them. So, we thought we would break down some things you should consider when it comes to graduation party planning.

Big of Small? Family or Friends?

The first thing to consider when it comes to graduation party planning is just how big of a bash you are thinking about. The size of your party dictates a lot of things, including where you will want to hold the party. Another factor is, are you inviting friends or opting for a family gathering?

If you are thinking family, then perhaps just having a party at home in the backyard will suffice. If you are inviting a lot of friends, you may want to consider reserving a pavilion at a park.

Reserve the Venue

If you are thinking of doing the party somewhere other than your home, you will want to make sure to pick the date and reserve the venue. Even some parks, such as those in Highlands Ranch, require reservations to use tables and pavilions for parties.

You can also look into restaurants, as many of them do have areas you can reserve for larger parties. Other options, if you are into it, are places like Dave & Busters, Top Golf, or Bowlero. They offer fun venues with food and a variety of activities. But, you will want to plan ahead to ensure you get the date and time that will accommodate the size of your party. But, if you are flexible, you can celebrate your graduation even into July!


Once you decide on the size of your party and who you are inviting, you will want to get invites out. You can do some great online invites to track RSVPs. Or, if you have more time, you can create your own invites that correspond to any theme you have in mind for your graduation party.

Plan You Theme

Themes are optional. But, themes are sort of fun in that they can express you and your interests. Besides, if you have a fun theme that is just you, you are more likely to attract more friends to your bash, especially if you are competing with your other classmates’ parties.

The theme of your party impacts a lot of things, such as music you may play at your bash and decorations. For example, if you plan on a “Totally 80s” throwback graduation party, you will want to ensure your playlist is full of songs by Duran Duran, INXS, and Depeche Mode. And, if you have television screens at the venue, you may want to, silently, show old throwbacks like “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” or “The Breakfast Club”. You can even set up an 80s music video playlist on Vevo and have it streaming to your television.

The Menu

If you plan your party at a venue, such as a restaurant, food is often included. But, you will want to pick out available options for your guests. If hosting it at a park or home, you have a little more flexibility, and if you are feeling creative, you can match the food to your theme. You can choose to grill food, or even just order pizza. Or, you can simply set up a little buffet of some simple appetizer-y foods if you would like. Try and have a variety of things from meat to some cut up veggies and fruit so you can accommodate everyone. Also, don’t forget the drinks. Stock up on water and soda. After all, if you have food and drinks at your party, the longer people will stay.

How to Use This Information

When it comes to graduation party planning, the most important thing is to just have fun. Don’t over plan so much that it is stressful, especially the day of. Remember, above all, the party is a celebration of making it through four years of high school and getting ready for a new chapter in your life, so have fun. Also, a great capstone to your years in high school could be a BFF session with all your friends. Schedule your BFF shoot today or call us at 303-798-8229.