Real Denver Ghosts

real denver ghosts

Halloween is just around the corner and with fall finally upon us, it’s time to start getting a little spooky. Cooler temperatures, grayer skies, and earlier nightfall all work together to ignite our inner ghost-story lover. When those campfire-style tales with the flashlight held beneath your chin are no longer doing the trick, there are plenty of haunted options throughout the city to serve up unlimited chills and leave you believing in “the other side” in a way you never have before. As your Denver Photographer, we have heard many stories of real Denver ghosts and “encounters” at some of these local haunts.

Capitol Hill Ghost Tour

This walking tour will take you through all of Capitol Hill’s most haunted mansions. With so many old buildings, there are bound to be a few real Denver ghosts wandering around, and this tour is your chance to hear all the spooky tales that accompany the haunted spots. On the bright side, it’ll probably make you feel a little better about not living in a mansion! Make Reservations by phone by calling 1-877-880-6232. All tours begin and end at 1340 Pennsylvania St.

Cheesman Park

Considering the park is built on what used to be a cemetery, it may be no wonder that stories of ghosts roaming Cheesman Park have surfaced over the years. But here’s the catch with this particular haunt – the stories say some of the ghosts may be pretty angry. Not only are there plenty of bones buried underneath the park’s luscious green grass, the park also resides on claim-jumped land sacred to the Arapaho. Old cemetery plus sacred Native American land is the perfect recipe for a whole lot of angry spirits and cursed land. The range of tales of supernatural experiences in the park is vast, so check it out at your own risk! Oh, did we mention Cheesman was the inspiration for the movie “Poltergeist?”

The Molly Brown House

If you’re looking for a place where doors open and close on their own and lightbulbs unscrew themselves from the wall, the Molly Brown House is your place. It’s a pretty famous Denver haunt so you’ll probably want to visit off-peak hours to get the best experience, but if you’re looking for a good spook, this is definitely a place to check out.

Brown Palace Hotel

The hotel in downtown Denver offers private ghost tours and sometimes even hosts events centered around the place’s storied ghost history. Liquor bottles leaping from shelves, musicians fading along with their music and plenty of other unexplained happenings have driven paranormal investigators and Masonic experts to the hotel over the years and serve as an external affirmation of the otherworldly stuff happening within the walls of this 125-year-old hotel.

These are just a few of the famous haunts around Denver, but there are countless more in and around the front range (*cough Stanley Hotel cough*) that offers an endless supply of stories and encounters with the afterlife. Have fun this fall, enjoy the scares, and don’t forget to get spooky as Halloween approaches. Happy Haunting!