Make the Most of it Class of 2018

senior year to-do's

Senior Year To-Do’s

*Cue Vitamin C’s “Graduation”* 

Class of 2018, here’s looking at you! Senior year is upon you and it’s going to fly by faster than you expect. There’s so much to do to prepare (including getting your senior pictures) for what’s next while still soaking up every single moment of this time you have left. To help you make the most of your senior year, we’ve got some senior year to-do’s we wish we could have given ourselves before we graduated high school.

Rocking Senior Year

Things get a little crazy senior year. Everything you do is your “last time” doing that thing in high school, so don’t be surprised if even small things are a little more emotional than normal. It’s all good, just ride it out. Making the most of your senior year really is all about seizing the opportunities put in front of you and making sure to clock some serious friend time in between all your senior year responsibilities. After all, you’re never (hopefully!) going to be a high school senior again. Strut your stuff and celebrate all you’ve accomplished.

Get Ready for College

If you’re heading for higher education after you leave those hallowed high school halls, this is the year to set yourself up for success before you even step foot on campus next fall. Take classes that are relevant to the major you think you’re interested in to make sure it feels like a good fit. If you’ve made your college decision, get involved where you can, join Facebook groups or reach out to your future roommate when you get paired up. Whatever you can do to make the transition between high school and your days as a collegiate student, make some room to do that this year. You’ll thank yourself when freshman year away from home doesn’t feel quite so scary.

Make Some Great Memories (and Capture Them, Too!)

Really though, it boils down to this: have fun, and soak. it. up. When it comes to your senior year to-do’s, this is probably the most important one.

This is a crazy, exciting, terrifying, wonderful time in your life and you shouldn’t let it slide by. Try new things, linger in your favorite traditions. Spend time with the people you love most and make some seriously amazing memories. Take as many pictures as you can, you’ll want to remember this stuff later. Now, don’t get us wrong, it’s way more important to live in the moment than it is to be constantly staring through the screen of your phone or the lens of a camera, but as long as you’re really experiencing your senior year, why not snap a few photos to remember the moment by, too? Just try not to worry too much about making them Instagram perfect every time.

How to Use This Information

Your senior year is going to be a whirlwind, so hold on tight and squeeze every drop of awesome out of it you can. If you’re looking for a unique way to capture some memories this year, try a best friend photo session to commemorate your #squad before you all start chasing your post-high school dreams.