Summer 2017 Fashion

Summer 2017 Fashion

Summer is almost here and the racks at your favorite stores are bursting with summer apparel. And, you will find that a lot of the summer fashion apparel designs are straight from the spring and summer fashion shows from earlier this year. As your Denver portrait photographers, we have seen fashion trends come and go, as well as many return. The summer 2017 fashion trends are no different with many trends that have boomeranged and come back around.

Shoulder Pads

Straight out of the 1980s, we give you shoulder pads. Shoulder pads were more present on fashion runways this past winter than at the Super Bowl. Look for many summer lines featuring the shoulder pad look, but that is not the only 1980s trend.

Flashback Colors

Sunshine yellow, Kermit green, passionate red, and Lapis Blue. Essentially all the colors from a 1980s Benetton advertisement are back. These colors are bright but offset by bold solids, such as the Lapis Blue. But, the color that stole a lot of shows was pink. While once considered more of an accent piece, the summer 2017 fashion lines are making pink the centerpiece.

Ruffle Sleeves

We really thought this one would fade and be a one-year wonder, but ruffles keep hanging on. This includes ruffled short sleeves for the many summer lines or long sleeve ruffles.

Sheer and Peek-a-Boo

If you are allowed outside your house wearing something lacy and a little see-through, then you are in luck this summer. Everything from crochet bottoms from Burberry and fitted lace dresses from Dolce & Gabbana was on display at this year’s fashion shows, as was the models’ underwear.

Words, Words, Words

T-shirts with slogans and wording were everywhere. From super feminist to political and sassy, slogan shirts seem to be here this summer as a fun way to express yourself and your views.

Summer Fashion for Denver

Here in Denver, we always consider our fashion tastes a little more practical than what you may find in New York, London, or Paris. While we doubt you will see many people walking the 16th Street Mall covered in ruffle sleeved dress with crochet bottoms, we would expect to see more slogan t-shirts and the bright and bold colors. As always, take whatever trends you like and feel free to mix and match with what you already have in your closet. Fashion is fun in that you can always make it your own.

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