How to Take a Better Selfie Using Instagram

better instagram selfies

Better Instagram Selfies

We live in a world of selfies, and why shouldn’t we? Social media is here to stay and when you feel good, why wouldn’t you want to document it? Still, it’s so frustrating when you have to snap tons of photos before finally getting it right. As your senior pictures team, we want to help you get your selfies on point the first time, so we’ve rounded up our best Instagram selfie tips for better Instagram selfies.


Getting the lighting right is the single most important thing to getting better Instagram selfies. Choosing natural light that is shining on your face but not directly without a lot of light coming from behind you is the best opportunity. Think about how sometimes when you’re in the passenger seat on a road trip and you take to Snapchat to pass the time – sometimes you just look so good, right? That’s the lighting. It’s all about highlighting the features you love and allowing shadows to handle the rest. Try testing different lights in different parts of your house or outside.


Think of your favorite Instagram stars – chances are their selfies have clean backgrounds. Many might even be against a plain white wall or a carefully assembled background “set.” Choosing a clean background allows your beautiful face to stand out without all the noise to distract.

Edits vs. Filters

While your first instinct after nailing the pose and lighting may be to slap a filter on the photo and send it out into the social media universe, pause before going all Valencia on that photo. Instead, navigate over to the editing options and slightly tweak things like the brightness and contrast. With the proper lighting, a filter will be the last thing you want to add – you may only need minimal editing to achieve the look you’re going for. Focus on your natural, unfiltered beauty – you’ve earned it!

Don’t Use the Selfie Camera

This tip is a little hard to swallow for most selfie lovers, but the quality difference between the front-facing camera and the one on the back of your phone is so vast that it’s necessary to note if you’re on the quest for better Instagram selfies. As comforting as it is to know exactly what the photo is going to look like before you snap it, you’re sacrificing a lot of pixels to get that preview. Though it may take a little more practice, using the camera on the back of your phone will dramatically increase the quality of the image you end up with.

How to Use This Information

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