Three Tips to Prepare for Your Denver Pet Photography Session

Denver Photographer Monty Nuss Littleton, Colorado

Ever look through the tabloids and see all your favorite stars with their favorite pets? We love Adrian Brody and his Chihuahua, Lolly. As cute as these pictures may be, we’re sure it took a bit of work to get Lolly to sit still long enough for the photo! Whatever your pet – cat, dog or even a potbellied pig – our experienced Denver pet photographers can capture you and your best friend at your finest. Before your next session, check out these three tips to make sure the shoot goes smoothly.

1. Make sure your pet is comfortable. If you’re bringing your dog or cat into studio, chances are they could be a bit camera shy. Bring something familiar to help make them feel comfortable in our studio, like a favorite blanket or bed.

2. A calm pet is a happy pet. With all the lights, cameras and patience required for a Denver pet photography shoot, your pet could get a bit anxious. Before bringing them into the studio, make sure they’ve had a nice long walk or play session so they don’t come in with lots of pent-up energy. There’s nothing worse than a dog who is ready for a three mile run trying to get his picture taken!

3. When in doubt, resort to food. Who says a little bribe won’t work? Be sure to bring in your pet’s favorite treats to your session to reward and entice your pet to look pretty! A little treat can help keep your pet focused on the camera.

Not only do we love your pets just as much as you do, but we have the experience (and patience) necessary to capture them on camera. Contact Monty Nuss Photography to schedule your next session – and be sure to follow these tips before you come in!

Three Tips to Prepare for Your Denver Pet Photography Session 2 Three Tips to Prepare for Your Denver Pet Photography Session 1