Why We Love Family Photo Sessions

family session

We offer a wide variety of photo services here at Monty Nuss, and we love each of them for different reasons. But there has always been something special about our family photography sessions that leaves us with a smile on our faces all day long. Family photos are their own kind of magic, and when we tried to distill that down into something simple, this is what we came up with.

Lasting Memories

Family photos seem to be a dying art these days, with less and less importance placed on them, but we do our best to keep that tradition alive. Because when you book a family photo session, you’re booking a lasting memory. Not just because of the photos you receive, but because of the experience you have during the shoot as well. You’re dedicating time and space to just being with your family while you get your photo taken, and that’s something precious that we believe in deeply.

Getting Together

As your kids get older and cousins move away, wrangling everyone for family get togethers can become difficult. There’s something so special about getting everyone together for a photo session – it’s the beauty of having everyone you love in one place combined with the keepsakes you’re creating.

Watching Kids Grow

Year after year, your little ones grow. From their first newborn shots to their high school and college graduation, to their wedding, and even their own little ones, your kids grow up so fast. When you make family photos an annual tradition, you get the unique perspective of seeing them in a similar setting year after year and getting to see how they grow and change in a series of photos. And it’s not just the kids! You can see how you and your spouse grow, how your extended family grows, who comes and goes. It’s a snapshot of who makes up your family in a given moment and what they were like in that exact moment. That’s pretty special if you ask us.

Unique Personalities, Unique Shoots

No two family photo sessions are ever the same. Each family brings something unique to the table and we reflect that in our shoot. Your family’s personality drives the personality of the photoshoot and we focus on capturing just that.

Building Relationships

Really, if we had to say our number one favorite thing about family photo sessions, it’s this. We get the opportunity to build a relationship with you. You get to see your family grow, and so do we. We become more than just photographers over the years, we become the flies on the wall that get to watch and capture your family’s sweet moments. We become the fun weekend tradition. We become the people you trust to make memories for your family. And that’s pretty cool.

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