Wintery Date Nights to Start 2018 off Right in Denver

winter date nights

It might not feel like it all the time, but hey, it’s winter in Denver – and while the winter wonderland feeling lasts, you might as well take advantage of all the great winter date nights Denver and the Front Rage has to offer. After all, one of the biggest plus-sides to colder temps is how much easier it is to cuddle up for warmth, right?

Ice Skating

There are a few rinks across Denver, from the 16th St. Mall to Belmar and more, so why not hold hands and try for dear life not to fall together? Bundle up, throw on some rental skates and (carefully) skate around the slippery rink until your legs cramp up, then give our next date night idea a shot.

Hot Cocoa Bar

Who doesn’t love a cup of warm hot cocoa? For a cozy night in, lay out all the hot cocoa goodies you can think of – peppermint, sprinkles, whipped cream, flavored syrups, maybe even espresso if you’re in need of an energy boost after all that chilly skating, and serve yourself up some of winter’s most delicious beverages. Bonus points if someone ends up with a whipped cream mustache worthy of Instagram.

Winter Hike

Let’s be honest, it’s winter in Denver but that doesn’t mean the mountains are off-limits for all the non-skiers and snowboarders out there. We’re lucky enough to still have some mild days mixed in with all the blustery ones, so winter hikes are definitely not off limits. You might want to have snowshoes at the ready, or Yak Trax to keep you upright on the icier parts of the trails, but brisk winter hikes are sometimes the best way to start out a solid date day. We recommend following it up with a trip to one of Denver’s many, many breweries to warm back up again.

Stare Into Each Other’s Eyes (Kind of)

Was that cheesy enough to get your attention? Good. Look, we know you’re selfie experts at this point, but there’s something to be said for letting someone else take the reigns when it comes to capturing sweet moments between you and your boo. Our couple’s sessions are a great way to get a sweet snapshot of where you are right now, and get all that expert cuddling documented professionally. Hey, you’ve earned it.

At Monty Nuss, we love getting to know our couples and capturing the uniquely you spirit the two of you share on camera. It’s one of our favorite sessions to do because it’s always so different from couple to couple. If you’re looking for a spectacular date idea this winter that you and your significant other won’t ever forget, give a couple’s portrait session a shot. You might just wind up with a new annual tradition!