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Best Denver Spots for Winter Family Photos

winter family photography

Whether you shoot your family photos or hire a professional family photographer, location is the key. Fortunately, we live in Colorado, so there is no shortage of incredible vistas for a unique winter photo. Plus, our winter months are spectacular, offering gorgeous blue skies contrasted with snow on the ground. If you pick the right day, you can come away with a stunning photo. Today,... Read More

10 Reasons to Love Snapchat

cell phone sitting in a mug with Snapchat app open

In the early days of Snapchat, it was primarily a place where users would share risqué pictures and videos without fear because this content would disappear shortly after being posted. However, the platform has evolved over the years, becoming much more robust in what it can accomplish. As a result, Snapchat now has over 218 million active users each day and over 10 billion videos... Read More

Instagram Reels: A Fun New Way to Create and Share Short Videos

millenials creating an Instagram Reel video clip with their smart phone

Last month, Instagram launched their new content format in the United States. Instagram Reels provides a fun, creative way to create and share short video clips. This feature functions similarly to TikTok and offers users a great alternative to that platform, especially in light of TikTok’s tenuous status in the United States at the moment. Instagram Reels gives you the ability to record and edit... Read More

Stay At Home Sanity: Must-Have Apps

keeping sane in pandemic

Even as Colorado begins to slowly open back up and we ramp up for senior pictures, there have been continued reminders that we are still “safer at home” in the midst of this pandemic. So while we’re all being cautious and still spending more time at home than out, we wanted to share with you a few app ideas that can keep you from getting... Read More

Spring Fashion Trends 2020

spring fashion trends

Sometimes what you really need is a good distraction. Especially these days, with everything going on, it’s important to take your mind off of it for a little while and focus on something you love. If something you love is fashion, then this is the post for you. As your Denver photographer, we see a lot of new fashion and keep up on what is... Read More

Planning Your Last High School Semester

last semester of high school tips

For seniors, the number of days in the halls of your high school are coming to a close. It can feel like time is both flying by and crawling at a snail’s pace depending on the day, but no matter what it feels like, the semester will be over before you know it and you’ll be heading out into the world as a high school... Read More

Affordable Gifts for Shutterbugs

With the holidays just a few weeks away, it’s the perfect time to wrap up your shopping! As your Denver photographers, we have some great shutterbug gift ideas that are a little more affordable than a new lens or a new camera altogether, consider these options. Personalized Camera Strap Camera straps are a DSLR lover’s best friend, and a necessity for any photographer who wants... Read More

Are the iPhone 11 Cameras Really That Great?

iphone 11 camera

Another season, another new iPhone with new features and – 3 cameras? As you Denver photographer, we love the power smartphones give people to capture memories wherever they are by carrying a camera in their pocket, but when we’re looking at a phone with three lenses on the back we have to wonder, is it really all it’s cracked up to be? Here are a... Read More

Using Instagram Stories

instagram stories

Instagram stories are pretty much an integrated part of our lives at this point. We see them every day, we interact with them, and they’re a great way to stay caught up with our friends, families, and favorite influencers. But how can you take your Instagram stories to the next level? How can you make your Instagram stories the ones that get watched over and... Read More

Back to School Fashion 2019

back to school fashion

Hopefully, you have had a great summer and you have had a chance to schedule your senior pictures. But, we also know school is already starting in some areas. If you’re still putting the final touches on your back to school wardrobe, look no further than these back to school fashion trends to spruce up, update, or revamp your look for the school year ahead.... Read More