Celebrating Life’s Great Moments

A Different Fall: Celebrating Senior Year Amidst Remote and Hybrid Learning

School is back in session, although not in the way we’ve come to know it. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to re-imagine the school experience as many students are dealing with full-time remote or hybrid learning experiences. For high school seniors, this can be especially challenging. As you enter your final year of school, the ability to bond and connect with your classmates will... Read More

Fun Ideas While At Home

summer hobbies

This summer has looked vastly different than any of us expected at the beginning of the year, but we’ve all found ways to adapt, survive, and even thrive despite the world turning upside down. But in the middle of summer when you’d rather be taking trips and spending your time outdoors, it can be a little disheartening. So, if you’re feeling that slump, we’ve compiled... Read More

What Will Next Year Look Like for Seniors?

COVID senior year

COVID Senior Year As we head into the second half of the summer, it’s understandable that students may be wondering what the new school year will look like. There have been plenty of theories floating around, and what the schools decide on will likely morph and evolve with the coronavirus situation. If you’re coming up on your senior year and wondering what to expect, here... Read More

Connecting with Friends While Staying Safe

Connect in COVID

While we are open for things like senior pictures, we know that Coronavirus has changed the way we all operate. Whether that is temporary or some of these changes follow us for a long time to come, we’re all getting used to connecting with others in ways we might not have expected. While it’s absolutely a bummer not to be able to meet up with... Read More

Graduation Quarantine Ideas

quarantine graduation ideas

Well, this is not exactly what we planned. That is the understatement of the decade, especially if you are a graduating senior in 2020. We are right there with you. Many of you had senior pictures with us last spring, summer, and fall. At that time, you were all looking forward to the final year of high school. And it started out fine. The fall... Read More

Get Your Chick Flick on With Hallmark Movies

why we love hallmark movies

Valentine’s Day may have come and gone, but honestly, when is it not a good time for chick flicks, popcorn, and hot chocolate with your friends? While the Hallmark channel is often relegated to the status of Christmas Movie experts only, we beg to differ. The Hallmark channel is great for Valentine’s movies and heartfelt, sappy-gooey goodness all year round – trust us…after all we... Read More

Resolutions for a Happier Outlook in 2020

Whether you were fully ready to leave the dumpster fire that was 2019 in the past or you’re just looking for a refresher on what was a pretty awesome year for you, 2020 just started and that makes it the perfect time to create and implement resolutions. If you’re not entirely sure what you want 2020 to look like, here are some suggestions to create... Read More

Tried and True Thanksgiving Traditions

thanksgiving traditions

Thanksgiving’s next week and as we’re putting the final touches on our own family plans, we’ve been thinking a lot about traditions. We love that holidays look so different from household to household, but that some traditions manage to find their way into the cultural fabric of how a holiday is celebrated. So today, as we’re prepping our Thankful For lists and finalizing the menus... Read More

Why We Love Family Photo Sessions

family session

We offer a wide variety of photo services here at Monty Nuss, and we love each of them for different reasons. But there has always been something special about our family photography sessions that leaves us with a smile on our faces all day long. Family photos are their own kind of magic, and when we tried to distill that down into something simple, this... Read More